Puly Cleaner - Tablets, Liquid and Powder.

It is a fact that Pulycaff and PulyMilk are the worldwide market leaders in espresso coffee cleaning products, this has been the case since 1961. All products throughout the range are specifically designed and created for use with traditional coffee machines and bean to cup espresso machines, as well as other tools and related accessories such as grinders, jugs and frothers which come into contact with tannin staining or milk deposits, produced from the bean when used to make a beverage.

Puly products are certified by NSF International, in order to realise this certification PulyMilk Superauto Liquid and Puly Caff Detergent were subjected to extremely comprehensive and rigorous testing through processes using raw materials which were originally certified by the FDA (food and drug administration).

All products are highly concentrated and are totally removed after rinsing leaving no no deposits or trace on machines, puly products are the fastest dissolving coffee machine cleaners known to man, all products are 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly and completely non hazardous, with puly baby domestic espresso coffee machine descaler being classed as an irritante.

So as you will learn whilst looking through the information on this site there is no better detergent cleaner, the choice is clear. For quick reference:

Puly Powder Tablets or Puly Tabs are used for bean to cup superautomatic machines.

PulyCaff Detergent Powder is used to help clean and backflush traditional espresso coffee machinery.

PulyMilk is used for bean to cup superautomatic machines and steam frothers.

PulyBaby is used to descale domestic espresso makers and helps reliability.

PulyGrind is used for cleaning commercial and domestic coffee grinder blades.

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